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Online legal advice on Italian law and European Union law

Di Giambattista law firm combines a strong practice in Italian law with a significant professional expertise in European Union law.


Through the online legal advice it is possible to obtain a clear and comprehensive legal opinion, tailored to each specific case on the basis of relevant legislation and case law.


The legal opinion, at a price of EUR 75,00, will be sent via e-mail, together with the invoice, within 2 working days after receipt of payment. The Client may request clarifications on the legal opinion without any additional cost.


Personal data will be treated with the guarantees of confidentiality laid down by the legislation in force and they will not in any way be transferred to third parties.

Online legal advice on Italian law


The online legal advice on Italian law is provided in the following areas:

  • Civil law: tort law; contract and obligation; acquisitions of real estate; property law; consumer protection law; judicial remedies.
  • Commercial law: establishment of a business; incorporation of companies; commercial agreements with customers and suppliers; credit recovery.
  • Labour law: contract of employment; working conditions; retirement; unfair dismissal; health and safety at work.
  • Family law: legal separation and divorce; parental responsibility.
  • Criminal law: crimes, prosecution and defence.
  • Administrative law: public liability and right to compensation; public procurement; right of access to documents; judicial review.

Online legal advice on European Union law


The online legal advice on European Union law is provided in the following areas:

  • The European Union single market: free movement of goods, free movement of people, free movement of services, free movement of capitals.
  • European Citizenship: enforcement of EU citizens' rights ; right of residence in the European Union for EU nationals ; right of residence for third-country family members who accompany or join the EU citizen in another Member State.
  • Establishment of European enterprises in other Member States and cross-border provision of services in other Member States.
  • Recognition of academic diplomas and professional qualifications.
  • Mobility and rights of workers : equal treatment regarding employment conditions (remuneration, dismissal, reintegration into the workplace, etc.); social and tax advantages; vocational education and retraining; collective or individual agreements; membership to trade unions and the exercise of rights attaching thereto; coordination of national social security systems.
  • Rights of international couples (jurisdiction and laws applicable to their personal situation and financial aspects); cross-border access to justice.
  • Taxation rules in cross-border situations: cross-border acquisition of real estate; Inheritances or gifts of foreign assets; discriminatory treatment of cross-frontier workers (e.g. ban on deducting personal allowances) and cross-border investments (such as dividend taxation); double tax relief.
  • Access to cross-border healthcare and planned treatment abroad.
  • Consumer protection: EU citizens’ rights when buying goods and services, as passengers and as tourists.


Examples of questions on Italian law

  • What are the requirements and the procedures for setting up a company in Italy?
  • What are the procedures for obtaining the recognition of my professional qualification?
  • We would like to set up either a foreign office or a branch in Italy. Which is the right entity type for us?
  • What are the requirements for opening up a restaurant in Italy?
  • I would like to set up my own business, providing accommodation and catering services. Is this activity regulated in Italy?
  • A UK company would like to complete building works in Italy on a temporary and occasional basis. What legal and fiscal duties have to be fulfilled? 
  • I would like to work in Italy as a tour operator. Could you advice on registration of the company and on travel agent’s license requirements?
  • I want to open an Italian food shop. What should I do?


Examples of questions on European Union law

  • Is a worker established in another Member State entitled to receive fiscal benefits if his family members reside in his own country?
  • When I buy holiday packages abroad, can I be requested to pay a price higher than the one applied to national customers? 
  • Is a mechanical engineer qualified in his own country entitled to practice his profession in another Member State?
  • What are my rights when I book travel packages?
  • Are Government’s subsidies for purchase of goods or services to be granted in case the supplier or provider is established in another Member State?
  • What are my rights when shopping in the EU?
  • Is an Italian customer entitled to get VAT relief for building services provided by a company established in another EU country?

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